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Welcome to the website of the Dutch Congregation of the Augsburg Confession (NGAC) in Frankfurt am Main!

On this page you will find information on the work of the Dutch Congregation throughout history as well as on its current form.

The Dutch Congregation has existed since 1585. It was established by Lutheran religious refugees from the Spanish Netherlands who found asylum in Frankfurt am Main and obtained citizenship here. The story of many old-established Frankfurt families is closely linked to the Dutch Congregation. Along with the aristocratic Ganerbschaft of the House of Alten Limpurg, the Dutch Congregation may well be “the last of old-Frankfurt’s extended families” (Alfred Andreae).

Today, the foundations of the Dutch Congregation are the relational ties and the tradition of the families unified within it along with their responsibility for the “alms chest” which they founded and maintained throughout the centuries. In 1998 it was turned into a foundation. 

In 2010 the Dutch Congregation celebrated its 425th anniversary. The so-called right of community is open to more people than you may think at first. We would therefore like to invite you to get to know us and our history!

The NGAC’s website is structured into three parts, which you can explore via the navigation bar on the left:
- Information on the Stiftung Niederländische Gemeinde Augsburg Confession registered charity
- Information on the Dutch Congregation of the Augsburg Confession itself
- A closed section for the exchange of the parishioners amongst themselves, which is only accessible for registered members of the congregation. NGAC members can subscribe to it and request a password.

You may contact us via: info@ngac.de.